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Telling Our Gay Marriage Stories

By Charlotte Robinson, March 31, 2014

Marriage Equality USA has launched a new project called Getting To “I Do”: Personal Journeys to Marriage Equality in partnership with acclaimed storytelling website Cowbird. The concept is to collect & share multimedia-rich personal stories about relationships, family, marriage, advocacy & equality in an online gallery. Sharing the personal stories of our own dreams, ideals & experiences with our families, friends, neighbors, colleagues & communities is one of the most powerful ways to bring people to support civil marriage. MEUSA will also feature a curated collection of stories on its own website, blog & social media platforms. Christine “CR” Allen, Marriage Equality USA IT Director of Communications stated, “This is a personal ask for you to share your story about how/why you became a supporter of marriage equality. Some of you didn’t start out as supporting marriage equality & I hope you will share how/why that changed. Others of you had family members who did not support the freedom to marry & I hope you will share that story. Some of you are LGBT, but didn’t give a hoot about marriage, then changed your minds. Some of you don’t want to marry, but believe that everyone else should have the choice. Last but not least, some of you have a circumstance or factor in your lives, that makes your story particularly compelling.”
For More Info: marriageequality.org
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