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Juno Gives Boston A Snow Day Off

By Charlotte Robinson, January 27, 2015
Boston & all of Massachusetts are under a snow emergency through Wednesday. It’s hard to determine how much snow we’ve had so far because the winds are gusting over 30 mph. You can see from this recent picture that cars are inundated with snowdrifts. Only emergency vehicles are on the roads & of course the media doing their best to make this storm much worse than it is. All national breakfast news shows have been replaced by local programing showing the same pictures over & over again. This is the chance for local weather people to take center stage. Our new governor Charlie Baker closed down the state at 7P last night along with Logan Airport & public transportation ceasing at midnight. We’ve had a lot worse blizzards that this one but down on the cape & the islands 63,000 plus homes are already without power. Everyone is hunkered down for the duration. It feels a bit like the lockdown we experienced with the hunt for the Boston Marathon bomber. Millions of residents told to stay inside. No one allow on the roads & even public transportation cancelled. This is a great time to binge listen to all our audio interviews with LGBT leader & allies at OUTTAKE VOICES...:)
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