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USA Unsafe For LGBTQ Travelers

By Charlotte Robinson, March 04, 2019
The SPARTACUS Gay Travel Index for 2019 has rated that LGBTQ travelers in the USA has worsened because of our right-wing conservative government & their initiatives to revoke LGBTQ rights that have been achieved as well as the associated increase in homophobic & transphobic violence. The United States did not even rank in the top 45 countries. We ranked No. 47 which is a shared ranking with nine other countries including Bermuda, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cuba, Macao, Seychelles & Thailand. The friendliest countries for LGBTQ travelers are Canada, Portugal & Sweden. The index ranked 197 countries based on 14 criteria, including anti-discrimination laws, marriage & civil partnership laws, adoption laws, transgender rights & persecution. So even though marriage equality is the law of the land here in the USA we have been steadily dropping in the rankings. We ranked No. 34 in 2017 & fell to No. 39 last year when Spartacus International Gay Guide pointed to President Trump’s “attempts to curtail transgender rights in the military” as a major factor for the decline. So even though we have safe states where our LGBTQ community can visit the overview safety of our country is bleak. Portugal’s ascent to a No. 1 ranking this year was a big jump from last year when the country ranked No. 27 in the index. Portugal, Canada & Sweden received the top mark this year for their anti-discrimination laws. The least friendly nation is Chechnya, No. 197 which continues to be involved in “state-organized persecution & killings of homosexuals.” Rounding out the bottom five are Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Iran & Yemen. All five were given negative marks for murders & death sentences involving our LGBTQ community.
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