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LGBTQ Equality & Civil Rights Backlash

By Charlotte Robinson, December 22, 2019
We came across this incredibly hateful anti LGBTQ Letter to the Editor at The Mirror in Federal Way, Washington posted on December 21, 2019 entitled “Cramming ‘perverted values’ onto whole society”. It’s actually claiming to be written by a woman but who knows these days with all the digital posers. According to this person’s hateful rant “When we fly the rainbow gay flag, we are celebrating the LGBT/homosexual activism in the public schools through activist homosexual & allied teachers (Gay & Lesbian Independent School Teachers Network members) heavy-handedly promoting the homosexual LGBT cult to tweens & teens. Yes, the LGBT cult is after the age 11-year-olds & up at the middle & high school levels at all of the Federal Way Public schools. The cultish Gay Straight Alliance clubs are only known by their an acronym 'GSA.' And the GSA clubs do not show up for a club photo in the yearbooks of these schools. These clubs are flying under the radar. The activists school staff members strategically place rainbow colored “SAFE SPACE” stickers around the high schools & middle schools. The activist school staff members wear rainbow buttons to dragnet other people’s children into the homosexual & transgender lifestyle.” The letter goes on lacking any sign of compassion or empathy for our community or humanity at that rate. Sometimes we just need to be reminder on what we’re fighting for. The rant ends stating. “Now does flying the rainbow flag make the citizens of Federal Way proud? Or does the rainbow flag represent a tiny minority cramming its perverted values onto the whole society, with a laser beam focus on grooming the next generation?” Just a reminder of how far we still need to go to achieve equality.
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Marilyn Rosen said...

Heading into the 2020 election we cannot afford to be complacent

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