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New Film “Road of Bygones” (AUDIO)

By Charlotte Robinson, February 28, 2020
This week I talked with filmmaker Astrid Ovalles about her new film “Road of Bygones” that’s set to be released on Amazon March 15th. “Road of Bygones” is written & directed by Ovalles & stars Sarah J. Lucey, Oriana Oppice & Astrid herself. The dark comedy tells the story of three women who embark on a road trip to retrieve the ashes of a parent hoping to find overdue closure. However at their destination the women are confronted with a series of comedic & emotional events that threaten to destroy all harmony between them. The film also explores D&S (Dominance & Submission) themes that are usually displayed with misconceptions & ignorance. Actually Ovalles masterfully goes where no other filmmakers have gone before effectively breaking the stigma associated with lesbian D&S relationships. Above all "Road of Bygones" is an intimate story about humanity that leaves audiences thinking about the film long after they've viewed it. The Amazon announcement comes on the heels of the success that “Road of Bygones” enjoyed traveling the film festival circuit. Venezuelan-born Ovalles first debuted her talent in the award-winning short film "Camp Belvidere." As the driving force behind her own independent film company Recluse Films Astrid's goal is to use heart & innovation in the film medium to share powerful human stories that benefit our LGBTQ community & minorities by bringing them to the forefront of her work. I talked to Astrid about her inspiration for creating “Road of Bygones”, what she hopes to accomplish with her work & her spin on our LGBTQ issues. LISTEN  
For More Info: roadofbygones.com
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