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USA #1 In COVID-19 Cases & Deaths

By Charlotte Robinson, May 12, 2020
Unfortunately America is not number one in COVID-19 testing but instead we rate at nineteenth. However America is number one in this pandemic currently approaching 1.4M cases & 82K deaths with both on the rise. Though there seems to be an ongoing controversy about China & COVID-19, China stands at eleven in COVID-19 cases worldwide with 82,919 cases & 4,633 deaths. It appears there’s a major disconnect between fact & fiction with our national leadership so try to listen to rational leadership when you can find it. New York is number one in the USA with almost 338K COVID-19 cases & 22K deaths as Governor Cuomo's plans to re-open New York State focusing on getting people back to work & easing social isolation without triggering renewed spread of the virus. In Massachusetts we are close to China's COVID-19 stats though China is 473 times larger than Massachusetts with 78,462 COVID-19 cases & 5,108 deaths Governor Baker has the same human lives matter agenda announcing a four-phase approach to reopening the Commonwealth’s economy. It’s going to be a slow transition as we enter & create the new normal. Now to address how this pandemic is affecting our global LGBTQ community. Jessica Stern Executive Director of OutRight Action International stated, “COVID-19 & the surrounding containment measures affect everyone, everywhere. But those most marginalized feel it more. Even in the absence of a pandemic, LGBTIQ people experience higher levels of discrimination, violence & deprivation around the world. Now we are at a heightened risk of domestic & family abuse, we lack access to crucial HIV & gender affirming medication, get scapegoated for the pandemic & excluded from relief efforts, while being cut off from LGBTIQ organizations & support networks. For us the situation is dire. I fear how many LGBTIQ people will lose their lives because of the amplified vulnerability we face. We need immediate action from governments, the UN, and the philanthropic sector to prevent an LGBTIQ humanitarian crisis.” Stay safe & healthy, keep up your socials distancing & wear your masks in public.
For More Info: outrightinternational.org
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