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'Bodies & Barriers' & LGBTQ Healthcare

By Charlotte Robinson, May 15, 2020
This week I talked with Adrian Shanker editor of the new critically acclaimed anthology “Bodies & Barriers: Queer Activists on Health” that creates a road map for action that could improve LGBTQ health. Shanker is a specialist in LGBTQ health policy creating cutting edge promotional campaigns to advance health equity through behavioral, clinical & policy changes. With essays by 26 well-known & emerging LGBTQ activists “Bodies & Barriers: Queer Activists on Health” challenges conventional wisdom about healthcare providers & probes deeply into the roots of the health disparities that worsens health outcomes for our LGBTQ community. As we deal with the COVID-19 pandemic this book couldn’t be more timely. Since the onset of HIV/AIDS in America LGBTQ people have struggled against healthcare bias & discrimination. Through stories by contributing authors including Alisa Bowman, Jack Harrison-Quintana, Liz Margolies, Robyn Ochs, Sean Strub, Justin Tanis, Ryan Thoreson, Imani Woody & more “Bodies & Barriers: Queer Activists on Health” addresses lessons learned with healthcare professionals, sympathetic policymakers & provides us with crucial information to fight for health equity through clinical, behavioral & policy changes. Though our LGBTQ community has experienced great strides toward civil rights in this country our health as a community still lags. “Bodies & Barriers: Queer Activists on Health” provides an indispensable blueprint for change by some of the most passionate & important health activists in the LGBTQ movement today calling on clinicians to up their game when it comes to caring for sexual & gender minority people. I talked to Adrian about what he hopes to accomplish with “Bodies & Barriers: Queer Activists on Health” & as the Executive Director of Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center in Allentown, Pennsylvania, his spin on our LGBTQ issues. LISTEN
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