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Discrimination Is A Religious Freedom

By Charlotte Robinson, July 09, 2020
The Supreme Court has handed down two bombshell decisions. First, the Supreme Court ruled that religious schools can fire teachers for discriminatory reasons after two separate Catholic schools fired a teacher who was diagnosed with breast cancer & another when she turned 64. This ruling could lead to firing LGBTQ people or anyone they don’t like or for who they are or whom they love. The other ruling sided with the Trump-Pence Administration & allows employers to deny women birth control & reproductive health coverage under the Affordable Care Act simply because of their own personal religious beliefs. Brian K. Bond, Executive Director of PFLAG National stated, “Today, the Supreme Court granted wide berth to religious organizations to freely discriminate against employees without fear of violating the law. PFLAG members are deeply concerned about the repercussions of these rulings, which harm all people, including LGBTQ+ employees, by stripping away the basic, common-sense protections that ensure people will be judged on their merits, not discriminated against for who they are. Under today’s rulings, employees of religious institutions who have any kind of ministerial role are not protected by federal employment law & government agencies & contractors can discriminate in the name of religious freedom to fire or to prevent employees from accessing health care guaranteed by the Affordable Care Act. Hundreds of thousands of teachers, musicians, artists & staff at religious schools & institutions today lost their 14th Amendment rights to equal protection under the law. All discrimination is wrong, as the Supreme Court's recent Title VII ruling demonstrates & PFLAG will continue to fight to end discrimination in all its forms.”
For More Info: pflag.org
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