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Russia Passes Anti LGBTQ Marriage Law

By Charlotte Robinson, July 03, 2020
In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic with Russia standing third in new cases their national week-long election results are in amid widespread allegations of voting irregularity making way for Putin to be president for life & passing an anti-LGBTQ constitutional amendment defining marriage exclusively as a union between a man & a woman. Alphonso David HRC President stated, “Russia is tripling down on its attacks on the basic human rights & dignity of LGBTQ people by adding constitutional prohibitions against marriage equality. Putin & his administration used propaganda brochures leading up to the election promising a return to ‘traditional family values,’ using marriage between loving couples as a wedge to push through his nefarious agenda. It is shameful, manipulative & malicious. Any leader who would resort to scapegoating LGBTQ people for political gain is a threat to the human rights of all.” Since 2013 Russia has passed legislation criminalizing the distribution of materials that promote LGBTQ relationships to minors. After the passage of that measure know as the “gay propaganda law” Russia has seen an increase in anti-LGBTQ violence according to a 2014 Human Rights Watch report. Then in 2018 Russian banned LGBTQ Pride events & last year it took action to block LGBTQ groups from officially registering in the country. Also with state-sponsored detention, violence & torture against gay & bisexual men in Chechnya don’t miss "Welcome to Chechnya" on HBO about the persecutions of LGBT+ people in Chechnya & how the Russian LGBT Network has been rescuing them for the last few years.
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