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New Equality Florida Board Co-Chair

By Charlotte Robinson, July 05, 2020
Equality Florida has announced that Jeff Delmay who served as a plaintiff in the lawsuit that led to marriage equality in Florida has been named Co-Chair of Equality Florida’s Board of Directors. Jeff has served on the board since 2016 & his 3-year term begins immediately. Nadine Smith, Executive Director of Equality Florida stated, “Jeff has played a direct role in helping to secure legal protections for Florida’s LGBTQ community. His dedication to the mission & understanding of how Equality Florida carves out victories despite challenging environments makes him a perfect choice for co-chair.” Jeff & his husband Todd first became active with Equality Florida as plaintiffs in the organization’s lawsuit Pareto v. Ruvin that secured marriage equality in Florida. At the time of the lawsuit Jeff & Todd recognized they could have traveled to a different state that allowed gay & lesbian couples to marry but Florida is their home. So in 2014 they joined Equality Florida & five other couples to end the state’s ban on marriage & fought for the same legal protections & respect afforded to other families. Delmay concluded, “People who know of Equality Florida, know that this is a very powerful, caring & diverse organization that has been practicing what it preaches since its founding in 1997. Being named co-chair is just another example of how Equality Florida is focused on lifting up the voices of all Floridians & recognizing leadership skills in Black & Brown communities.” With his new role as co-chair of the Board Jeff is not only helping to navigate the organization during a global pandemic but is also ensuring Equality Florida remains a leading voice on issues of racial violence & systemic racism. Delmay will Co-Chair Equality Florida with Anastasia "Annie" Hiotis.
For More Info: eqfl.org
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