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Hollywood LGBTQ Council Voters March

By Charlotte Robinson, October 20, 2020

On Saturday October 24th The Hollywood LGBTQ+ Council will lead a march of "Equality Voters to the Polls" beginning at 9A from 2131 Hollywood Blvd. to the Hollywood Branch Library for Early Voting. With LGBTQ equality on the ballot this year from the oval office at the top all the way down to the last candidate the Hollywood LGBTQ Council is hoping by mobilizing local voters that support our equality will ensure we retain & expand our hard-won rights. Todd Delmay, The Hollywood LGBTQ+ Council President stated, "Winning the rights associated with Equality is not enough. We must continue to support candidates & the issues that will safeguard & expand those rights. If you don't think they are at risk, just consider for a moment there are Supreme Court justices interested in revisiting Obergefell (the landmark 2015 decision that brought marriage equality to all 50 States) & matters of Equality are very much local issues as well. Municipalities, Counties & our State all have opportunities to choose Equality every day. Whether they are serving people of color, people of LGBTQ+ experience or those from other marginalized communities, the choice must always be on the side of Equality if we are to fulfill on the ideals of our Founders." The Council is inviting all voters & candidates that support Equality to march with them, whether they have already voted or not. The Council's members (80% of which self-identify as LGBTQ+) & guests should all wear a mask & maintain social distancing guidelines. Marchers are to meet at 8:30A & the event begins at 9A.           For More Info: lgbtqcouncil.com

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