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Trans Youth Launch Book Collection

By Charlotte Robinson, April 13, 2021

Transgender & non-binary youth influencers have launched a book collection with Kids Media Disrupter “A Kids Book About”. While many teens took e-learning as an opportunity to level-up their gaming skills a group of young people chose instead to write a collection of books about their lives. The Gender Cool Project a storytelling campaign turned global movement led by 18 young people known as the “Champions” has teamed up with “A Kids Book About” the company making kids media that matters to create a collection of books hoping to bring clarity & positivity to a national conversation that’s in need of support. The three books in the collection are: A Kids Book About Being Transgender, by Gia Parr, A Kids Book About Being Non-binary, by Hunter Chinn-Raicht & A Kids Book About Being Inclusive, by Ashton Mota & Rebekah Bruesehoff. Jelani Memory, co-Founder & CEO of A Kids Book About stated, “A Kids Book About is incredibly proud to partner with The GenderCool Project to help bring these topics to kids everywhere in a relevant & honest way. This is the first time A Kids Book About has ever partnered with a non-profit to create a themed collection. We felt it was critical to educate on & elevate topics around inclusivity, gender & identity for the next generation, using our unique publishing model & writing process to highlight the underrepresented voices of transgender & non-binary teens with real, lived experiences, conveyed through compelling stories that people connect with.” At a time when the nation is seeing an unprecedented level of harmful legislation targeting transgender & non-binary youth this book collection will help bring to communities everywhere the real stories of Gia, Hunter, Ashton & Rebekah written by these young people who are thriving. For More Info…

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