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NYC Pride Human Rights Conference

By Charlotte Robinson, May 16, 2021

NYC Pride will present its Human Rights Conference for the fourth consecutive year from June 21st through June 23rd. Over the course of the three days guests will experience a virtual gathering of creators, changemakers, historians, influencers, artists & storytellers to explore the many intersections of our LGBTQ community’s continued fight for equity & justice. Samantha Johnson, Event Manager for the Human Rights Conference stated, “This year’s events will touch on a wide variety of topics subjects. In particular, we’re delighted to be working in partnership with Native Son at this year’s Human Rights Conference to amplify the voices of queer LGBTQIA+ black men in film, TV & entertainment. In addition, we’re continuing our amplification of queer music with a spotlight on Trannilish & Ms.Boogie. We’re also expanding our partnership with Friedman Transgender Program by creating space for 3 days of health. ‘Health Track’ will reflect on NYC LGBTQ+ experiences with COVID-19 over the last year & its effect on the community, amidst evolving NYC & CDC guidelines as well as ongoing vaccine access & hesitancy concerns.” This year’s Human Rights Conference introduces a series of exclusive interactive Master classes where guests join experts & tastemakers in the field of activism, fashion, culture, queer history & more to share insight & expertise through live seminars. Powered by NYC Pride’s sponsors & community partners these classes offer viewers a chance to learn & interact with presenters representing LGBTQ excellence in their fields. Following daily master classes guests move to the conference’s Mainstage for panels on topics affecting the queer community from queer BIPOC collective power, activism in nightlife, political representation, mental health, wellness & much more. For More Info…

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