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Social Media Unsafe For LGBTQ Users

By Charlotte Robinson, May 12, 2021

GLAAD has found in its 50-page inaugural Social Media Safety Index (SMSI) report that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube & TikTok fail to adequately protect LGBTQ users. Sarah Kate Ellis GLAAD CEO & President stated, “At a time when talk of regulation around content & ads on social media is rapidly escalating & social media platforms consider the critical & urgent calls for transformation from other marginalized communities, the unique needs of LGBTQ people have largely been invisible or fall low on the priority list. The spread of misinformation & disinformation over social media is a leading barrier to full LGBTQ equality & acceptance. The tech industry must realize its obligation to protect LGBTQ users & tech executives must harness their power as innovators to ameliorate the unsafe environments that have far too long persisted across social media.” Jenni Olson GLAAD Senior Project Consultant added, "The amount of dehumanizing & dangerous anti-LGBTQ hate on social media platforms is astounding. Research shows that social media companies have effective solutions they could be implementing, but they continue to prioritize profits over public safety. Ongoing pressure like GLAAD's Social Media Safety Index is necessary until LGBTQ people are safe on these platforms.” The Social Media Safety Index was based on an in-depth review of industry research & publicly available content & ad policies including interviews with advisory committee members & reporting & testing of LGBTQ policies across each of the platforms. The Social Media Safety Index was created with support from the Gill Foundation & Craig Newmark Philanthropies. 

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