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Prince & Knight Children’s Book Sequel

By Charlotte Robinson, May 04, 2021

GLAAD has announced its latest children’s book in its series in partnership with Little Bee Books. Prince & Knight: Tale of the Shadow King is written by Daniel Haack & illustrated by Stevie Lewis. Rich Ferraro, GLAAD’s Chief Communications Officer stated, “Prince & Knight: Tale of the Shadow King is an exciting adventure that reminds kids that not all Princes fall in love with Princesses. Fairytales are so innate to the experience of childhood & we’re hopeful that by providing children with stories like this one, we’ll inspire a better future for LGBTQ people.” Daniel Haack, Prince & Knight Author concluded, “Since the first Prince & Knight book was published, kids & grown-ups alike have been asking & asking me what happens in the ‘happily ever after.’ It warms my heart that these characters have resonated with so many readers & I’m grateful for the dedication & support from GLAAD & Little Bee Books to be able to expand this world & continue telling stories of love, heroism, inclusivity & kindness.” Price & Knight: Tale of the Shadow King continues the story of our brave & dashing heroes. The prince & the knight are happily married & their kingdom is prospering but soon a fog of darkness blocks the sun across their land. They get word that the cause of this is a dark & mysterious Shadow King so they rush off to find & stop him encountering many obstacles along the way. Little Bee Books & GLAAD are commitment to increasing positive representation of diverse gender & sexual identities in children’s books. For More Info… 


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