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Reclaim Pride March Event In London

By Charlotte Robinson, July 23, 2021

This is a very important LGBTQ event. The first-ever Reclaim Pride march is taking place in London on Saturday July 24th. Since we have just experienced the sad demise of Boston Pride after over 50 years of LGBTQ Pride celebrations in this city we need to wake up & address ways to bring Pride back to its roots nationally & globally & Reclaim Pride is a fabulous way to kick off this movement. Organizer Peter Tatchell stated, “Pride in London has become depoliticized & over commercialized. Reclaim Pride puts LGBT+ human rights back into Pride. We want to make Pride once again an event where our on-going demands for LGBTI+ liberation can be seen & heard. All LGBTI+ organizations, individuals & allies are invited to participate.” Linda Riley of DIVA & Lesbian Visibility Week added, “When Peter Tatchell asked if DIVA would support the Reclaim Pride March & explained the concept, there was no hesitation. The idea of taking Pride back to its roots is one that we’re absolutely behind.” Phyll Opoku-Gyimah of UK Black Pride concluded, “UK Black Pride is proud to take part in the Reclaim Pride March, which is taking place at an important & critical juncture in all our lives. Perhaps more than ever, racism within & outside of the LGBTQ community is being discussed seriously & we are here to remind one & all that until racism, transphobia & homophobia are eradicated, there will be no liberation for any of us.” Organizers ask that everyone please bring water, sunscreen & an umbrella just in case. Plus food & drink for the picnic in Hyde Park that follows. Also to please wear a mask & respect fellow protestors who want to social distance. For More Info…

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