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LGBTQ Human Rights Conference Event

By Charlotte Robinson, July 12, 2021

Human rights defenders & activists will gather globally both in person & virtually in Copenhagen from August 17th to 19th for the Human Rights Conference the most significant LGBTI+ conference in 2021. The conference is part of the World Pride & Euro Games in Copenhagen & Malmö that takes place August 12th to 22nd & is open for human rights defenders & activists, elected officials, academics, NGOs, media, Pride organizers & sports leaders in the field of LGBTQ rights. The goal is to include all representations under the LGBTI+ acronym in the program & to be highly aware of intersectionality in their planning. This includes representation in relation to geography, racialization, ethnicity, age, gender, disability, gender identity, gender expression, sexuality, religion & appearance. The three-day conference takes place in a hybrid form with physical elements for participants in person & full online access to content sessions to facilitate the engagement of as many people as possible. The program consists of special statements by high-level officials & community members, eight plenaries, over 40 break-out sessions, networking sessions & meet & greets. Topics will include Politics & Law, Education, Labor Market & Civil Society, Intersectionality & Global Trends, Borders, Decolonization & Racism, Technology & Online Communities, Arts, Sports & Culture, Pride as a global Human Rights Movement, Breaking the Binary, Sexual well-being & Health & more. For decades Denmark has been amongst the most progressive nations in the world for LGBTQ equality. They decriminalized homosexuality in 1933. Gender confirmation surgery first took place there in 1951 & they introduced anti-discrimination legislation in 1987 & two years later legalized gay & lesbian partnerships. Registration for online participation is free of charge. For More Info… 

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