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LGBTQ Community & COVID Vaccination

By Charlotte Robinson, August 02, 2021

When the COVID vaccination first became available to my age group I was unable to get vaccinated due to my travel plans. I was headed to Provincetown for a month to work on my film script & at that time Ptown had an effective mask mandate so I felt safe. My wife & I have been very responsible with masking & a self inflicted bubble isolation. We have a handful of friends & family that we have stayed in touch with throughout the pandemic both virtually & in person. This has worked for us. I was a bit hesitant about the vaccine at first watching people having bad reactions to the second shot & even the first. A survey back in April stated that of LGBTQ adults 42% said they would likely get vaccinated, 29% of Black LGBTQ adults said they would very likely get vaccinated & 38% of bisexual adults & 32% of bisexual women said they would very likely get vaccinated. While we were in Ptown in April we experienced for the first time vaccination discrimination. Some friends canceled our dinner plans with them because we were unvaccinated. This was very concerning & quite the wake-up call. When we went back to them & explained that we were very safe, both tested negative for COVID & planned to get vaccinated when we returned to Boston they decided to go ahead with dinner plans. When we left Provincetown all the mask mandate signs were removed in accordance with the Commonwealth lifting restrictions. You could feel this was premature. Once back in Boston we followed through with getting the vaccination & got both shots of Pfizer without any complications. Since then we have continued to wear our masks inside public domains. Now that the Delta Variant is threatening our country all I can advice our LGBTQ community & allies who are still not vaccinated is make the choice you can live with.

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