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By Charlotte Robinson, January 24, 2022

A little perspective about President Biden’s approval rate of 42.3% after his first year with the last president having 39.1% after a year, Reagan had 48.9% & Obama had 49.9%. Also when it comes to the COVID pandemic every willing American is now vaccinated despite the fact that half the country are still refusing to wear masks. However when it comes to diversity Biden has made 100 appointment, policies & statements to advance equality for LGBTQ Americans. Sarah Kate Ellis GLAAD President & CEO stated, “From day one, with a simple update to the White House website asking for people’s pronouns, President Biden & his administration have opened doors for LGBTQ Americans & demonstrated unprecedented commitment to ending discrimination & urging full equality in every area of society. It’s a 180 degree turnaround from the previous administration’s more than 200 attacks on LGBTQ Americans. In appointing out leaders, in creating & implementing policies to advance equity, in verbal & visual statements of support, the Biden administration is including, celebrating & demanding 100% acceptance for all LGBTQ people. Every member of Congress must follow President Biden’s lead & secure protections against discrimination into law by passing the Equality Act. Every state & local leader must speak up for their LGBTQ neighbors & pass laws to secure their right to live in safety & contribute fully to their states’ success. GLAAD recognizes the remarkable progress made by the Biden Administration for LGBTQ Americans & calls on voters to choose pro equality candidates & demand all elected officials commit to doing more to keep our country moving forward.” For More Info…

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