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Venture Capitalists Seeking Diversity

By Charlotte Robinson, January 04, 2022

With the Biden administration just about ending their first year in office LGBTQ activists & allies have been busy undoing most of the harm the last administration inflicted on our community. Now is the time with at least 3 more years of breathing room to advance diversity in this country. Movies, broadcast TV & streaming networks are moving forward with diversity clauses in their hiring but there is still a lot of catch up to be achieved in their storytelling. To fund this advancement we need more venture capitalists to step up to the plate with a strong commitment to diversity especially when it comes to telling our LGBTQ stories. As we reported last month across America books by LGBTQ authors & Black authors are being protested & removed from schools & public libraries. Texas lawmakers have created a hit list of 850 targeted books which two-thirds are LGBTQ-related & 9 states have passed laws restricting teachers from including accurate information in schools related to race, sex, gender & LGBTQ people. Sarah Kate Ellis, GLAAD President & CEO stated, “Every LGBTQ young person needs to see themselves in stories about their lives, to let them know they belong just as they are. Every American needs stories about LGBTQ people, Black people, queer people of color & all marginalized groups to better understand each other's experiences.” Let’s make 2022 the year that venture capitalists make a major difference & increased diversity more proactively not only within the workplace but by backing brave storytellers that have something important & original to say. For All Inquires...

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