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Mariska Hargitay Addressing Our Issues

By Charlotte Robinson, January 16, 2022

Mariska Hargitay has consistently addressed important issues on “Law & Order: Special Victims’ Unit” with episodes going beyond sexually abuse taking on racism, the Me Too Movement, COVID & most recently our LGBTQ community when her young son Noah played by Ryan Buggle reveals to his mom played by Hargitay that he is bisexual. The January 13th episode entitled “Burning with Rage Forever” begins with Noah being bullied in a cage by a boy named Hudson who’s filming it on his phone demanding Noah on all fours to "bark like a dog”. In a touching Mother son discussion at the end of the episode they address Hudson’s bullying & Noah states, “Hudson's just an idiot, no one likes him anyway. He bullies everyone. It was just my turn to be his target." Then Olivia asks Noah why & he explains how Hudson went after other kids including one who uses they/them pronouns who Hudson called a fairy. Then Noah tells Olivia "Then I said that I was bi & that there's no shame in being true to yourself." Hargitay adds, "That is incredibly brave." "Well, it's my truth. I just hadn't told anybody before" he tells her. "Well thank you for telling me," Olivia says, smiling at her son. "No big deal," he replies adding, "It's not like I have a boyfriend or girlfriend, it's just not fair for anybody to be left out." Then the total tearjerker happened for me as Olivia concludes, "I hear that I'm really proud of you." Well we’ve definitely turned a corner in mainstream TV.  Brava Mariska Hargitay & we at OUTTAKE MEDIA thank you for your decades of groundbreaking work & make sure to check out Hargitay’s Joyful Heart Foundation…

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