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Massachusetts Protecting Trans Youth

By Charlotte Robinson, May 27, 2022

The Massachusetts Senate has adopted Amendment 388 which includes protections for providers in Massachusetts who provide essential medical care for transgender youth from out of state. This amendment introduced by Senator Cindy Friedman protects doctors, psychologists, nurses, physician assistants, pharmacists & social workers who provide care to youth experiencing gender dysphoria from potential abusive lawsuits originating from other states. The Amendment signals that Massachusetts will not use its resources to facilitate these harmful civil & criminal actions in other states & instead this access to gender-affirming care is protected in Massachusetts. Adoption to the amendment comes as states including Alabama, Arkansas & Texas are banning or restricting access to essential medical care for transgender youth & criminalizing parents & doctors who provide such care. Polly Crozier, GLAD Senior Staff Attorney stated, “The Massachusetts Senate has made a powerful statement that transgender youth are valued & supported in our state & that access to critical, life-saving healthcare is protected & supported in the Commonwealth. While we are seeing some states attempt to ban access to essential, evidence-based care & to strip away parents’ ability to make the best choices for their transgender children’s wellbeing, I’m proud & grateful to see our Massachusetts legislators say loudly & clearly that here in Massachusetts we will always have the backs of transgender young people, their parents & their healthcare providers.” All leading medical associations endorse individualized, comprehensive care for the treatment of transgender youth experiencing gender dysphoria as best-practice & life-saving care. Massachusetts is home to some of the leading medical institutions caring for transgender youth including Boston Medical Center, Boston Children’s Hospital & Fenway Health. For More Info…

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