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Florida LGBTQ Haters Wrath Continues

By Charlotte Robinson, September 10, 2022

In Florida the Miami Dade School Board rejected recognizing October as LGBTQ History Month by a vote of 8-1. Joe Saunders Equality Florida Senior Political Director stated, "Tonight’s vote is one more proof point of the sweeping chilling effect of Florida’s discriminatory Don’t Say LGBTQ law & the toxic anti-LGBTQ environment being fostered by Governor DeSantis. The Don’t Say LGBTQ law is rooted in the same dangerous tropes about LGBTQ people & baseless attacks on teachers that were on full display in public comments at last night’s hearing. We are shocked & alarmed to see this reversal from the Miami Dade School Board. This is a horrible signal to send to the thousands of LGBTQ youth in Miami-Dade County public schools. Voting down this simple recognition of our LGBTQ community makes our schools less safe.” The measure was introduced by Board Member Lucia Baez Geller & was passed with a 7-1 vote of support by the same Board just last year. Nearly every board member opposing the resolution voiced their belief that the proclamation violated the Don’t Say LGBTQ Law. This just adds to further evidence of the sweeping censorship of this law across the state including bans on books & “safe space” stickers that has led to dangerous policies targeting transgender students. Miami Dade County Public Schools had a long history of leading on common sense policies that include, recognize & protect LGBTQ youth. However this action confirms that board members have abandoned that mission in service to anti-LGBTQ fear, misinformation & a governor obsessed with a future presidential run. 

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