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Brittney Griner In Female Force Comics

By Charlotte Robinson, January 17, 2023

TidalWave Comics has announced the addition of a comic book focusing on Brittney Griner to its popular “Female Force” series. Publisher Darren G. Davis stated, “This story is about an athlete who overcame obstacles to become a significant player in the WNBA - not about politics. We started working on this story about four years ago to diversify the line, as we've featured several male athletes in past issues. Her development as an athlete & her struggle with coming to terms with being a gay, black woman, first at a religious college & then in the national spotlight, are the focus of this issue. Since we have 24-pages to tell the story, we used that focus to inform what should be included & what we'd have to leave out. For example, as her story developed, we thought we should add two pages about her arrest in Russia. However, as the artist finished the interiors, a deal was struck with Russian authorities, so we rewrote those two pages to ensure our information was accurate. She has an amazing personal story & we wanted to tell more stories about women in sports. She just happened to be the first. We have plans for women in soccer (football) & more.” "Female Force: Brittney Griner" is written by Michael Frizell with art by Martin Gimenez  & will be available digitally & in print on multiple platforms such as Amazon in softcover & hardcover later this week. “Female Force” previous titles have included Dolly Parton, Tina Turner, Gloria Steinem, Martha Stewart, Oprah Winfrey & more. Last March I talked to legal analyst Aron Solomon about Griner’s detainment in Russia. LISTEN:  

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