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Gender Affirming Care Ban In Utah

By Charlotte Robinson, January 29, 2023

It looks bleak for minors from receiving gender-affirming surgeries in Utah as the Utah Senate approved a bill Friday that would bar & place an indefinite moratorium on their access to puberty blockers & hormone therapy. Governor Spencer Cox who vetoed a restriction on transgender student athletes last year said he has no plans to veto this new bill. Marina Lowe, Policy Director for Equality Utah stated, “This is essentially a ban on access to medical care for transgender youth. Everywhere where one has been passed, there is litigation because it’s the government stepping in between parents & children & their doctors.” Last week the House committee was packed with hundreds of people who rallied on the steps of the Utah Capitol in support of Utah’s transgender youth. Several teens who identified as trans spoke to the committee urging lawmakers to not restrict their access to treatments that they say saved them from suicide. Troy Williams, Executive Director of Equality Utah added, “We just want parents of transgender children to know that we see you. We are so grateful for the love & compassion that you have for your children & thank you for loving them. We will continue to fight for your family as well.” Sue Robbins, Equality Utah’s Transgender Advisory Council concluded, “We’ll never be done fighting for transgender kids. You deserve everything. We will fix this.” In the past year there have been over 149 bills targeting our transgender & non-binary community with a record 17 bills attacking transgender & non-binary children passed into law. 

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