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National LGBTQ Women Survey Update

By Charlotte Robinson, April 13, 2023

With over 8,000 fabulous respondents who took the time to tell their stories the National LGBTQ Women’s Survey will be sharing their full report & data at the start of Pride Month this June. The National LGBTQ Women’s Survey asked questions about our lesbian stories across 20 different categories including identity, home & community, family formations, sexual & intimate life, education & employment, health & well-being, religion & spirituality, experiences of violence & discrimination, civic engagement, policing & incarceration. Jamie M. Grant who Co-Founded The National LGBTQ+ Women’s Community Survey with the late Urvashi Vaid stated, “As I move through mountains of data to create the projects report of findings to give back to the community - this work is both thrilling & daunting. I’m daunted as these 170 questions reveal depth and breadth of the scaffolding of discrimination LGBTQ+ womxn who partner with women face & how it shapes our lives – whether at work; as we create our families & take care of our kin; or as we move into the public sphere to fight for justice. I’m thrilled when I can see all of our creativity & resilience shining through – the centrality of our friendships to our well-being, the complex & shifting ways we identify across gender & sexuality, our humor & our resolve.” This extremely important survey will provide information our nation needs to understand so we can evolve & bring forward real life experience to inform policy change, service delivery & action to support LGBTQ+ women. Back in December 2021, I talked to Urvashi Vaid about her career & establishing the National LGBTQ+ Women’s Community Survey in this exclusive audio interview. LISTEN

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