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Proposed Transgender Title IX Policy

By Charlotte Robinson, April 07, 2023

With more than 190 anti LGBTQ bills already filed by states in 2023 specifically restricting the rights of our transgender community the United States Department of Education has released a new proposed Title IX rule affirming protections for transgender students' participation in sports. The new rule under Title IX will protect transgender students from discrimination in sports & that state laws banning participation of transgender athletes will be in violation of federal law. Kelley Robinson, HRC President stated, “State lawmakers take note -- discriminating against transgender athletes is wrong & a violation of federal law. This new rule makes that abundantly clear. Every student deserves to be treated with dignity & respect. This includes transgender girls of all ages & in all sports, without exception. The new rule should be clarified to ensure that all transgender students should be presumed eligible to participate in sports consistent with their gender identity. This moment we’re in is truly a crisis for transgender young people & we’re calling on elected leaders at every level of government to fight harder for our kids. For all of us who believe in equality & justice for all, we should be relentless in our work to undo the harms that have already been done & our pursuit of a better tomorrow.” Imani Rupert-Gordon, NCLR Executive Director concluded, “Transgender youth are an integral part of every school across this country. We applaud the Department of Education for recognizing that the law requires that transgender students must be treated fairly & equally & as respected members of their school communities.” 

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