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Extremists Targeting Transgender Youth

By Charlotte Robinson, June 29, 2023

As the North Carolina House passes HB808 a bill that will prohibit the initiation of all gender-affirming medical care for transgender people under the age of 18 the United States District Court for the Western District of Kentucky granted a preliminary injunction blocking a law in Kentucky that bans necessary medical care for transgender youth. In response to the North Carolina discriminatory legislation Lore Lane from Southern Equality stated, “As someone who relies on gender-affirming care, my heart is breaking & quite frankly, full of righteous anger, watching the NCGA ram through legislation that would block transgender youth from being able to access this care. This care is life-saving. It is life-affirming. It allows people to live authentically & gives us the best chance to thrive & most importantly, it is our inalienable human right. It is absolutely outrageous that the NCGA would insert themselves into private & personal medical decisions – decisions that should always be left to providers & patients.” In response to the Kentucky injunction Shannon Minter NCLR Legal Director stated, “This decision is a huge relief for the families targeted by this unnecessary & harmful law, which prevents doctors from doing their jobs & parents from making medical decisions for their own children. We are grateful that the court carefully considered all of the evidence & recognized that there is no support for this dangerous & unprecedented law.” So this is where our country is at. Instead of state legislators addressing crucial issues like fully funding public schools, establishing universal Pre-K & ending childhood hunger they’re bent on targeting our transgender youth from being their authentic selves. 

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