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Pulse Nightclub Massacre Memoriam

By Charlotte Robinson, June 12, 2023

During Pride 7 years ago I woke up to the horrific news about the Pulse Massacre in Orlando where 49 people were killed at an LGBTQ nightclub by a homophobic deranged person with an assault rifle. Yet Congress still can’t seem to pass obvious sensible gun legislation that would prevent future brutal, hate-fueled violence attacks. Brandon J Wolf, Pulse Nightclub survivor stated, “To every politician who scapegoats mental illness, saying that simply addressing our poor mental health infrastructure will end gun violence: show me the bill. Show me the bill to make physical & mental health care free at the point of care for people in this country. Show me the bill to end the for-profit scam that is our healthcare system & put in place a system that does what you say we need.” In the years that followed onePULSE Foundation was created to manage the design & construction of the permanent national memorial & museum dedicated to the PULSE tragedy. onePULSE’s mission is to create & support a memorial that opens hearts, a museum that opens minds, educational programs that open eyes & legacy scholarships that open doors. Its vision is to establish a sanctuary of healing & a beacon of hope by memorializing the lives taken, the lives saved & all the lives affected by the Pulse nightclub tragedy of June 12, 2016. I talked to Brandon in about his experience on that horrendous night 7 years ago that claimed the lives of 49 people & left 53 injured most of who were LGBTQ Latinx people & people of color. LISTEN  

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