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Pride Month Battle Of The Good & Evil

By Charlotte Robinson, June 01, 2023

Celebrating Pride Month this year began with controversies battling over 500 anti-LGBTQ bills erupting across the nation so far in 2023 attempting to derail diversity & inclusion. Then we had to deal with recent pushback by businesses like Anheuser-Busch & Target falling prey to rightwing extremist groups’ hate & intimidation strategies. Kelley Robinson, HRC President stated, “This year, we need more than just a rainbow logo. Going into Pride Month – a protest for our fundamental rights & a celebration of visibility & queer joy – businesses play a bigger role than ever before in championing LGBTQ+ inclusion & representation. The LGBTQ+ community is experiencing the worst year on record for anti-LGBTQ+ legislation – over 520 bills that aim to strip us of our very existence, dignity & history, from the doctor’s office to the classroom to the sports field.” At the same time GLAAD has released their 9th annual Accelerating Acceptance study which revealed that a record number of non-LGBTQ Americans support equal rights for the LGBTQ community. The Study also shows that an overwhelming majority of non-LGBTQ Americans now believe that LGBTQ people should have the freedom to live their life & not be discriminated against & that schools should be a safe & an accepting place for all youth as Florida ramps up its book banning agenda. Sarah Kate Ellis, GLAAD President & CEO concluded, “Media, content creators & corporate leaders need to lead & respond to hate with undeterred support for the LGBTQ community, including LGBTQ employees, shareholders & consumers. Allyship is not easy, but when values of diversity, equity & inclusion are tested, we must defend them unequivocally." 

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