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Tennessee & Kentucky Trans Health Ban

By Charlotte Robinson, September 30, 2023

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit has issued a ruling upholding laws in Tennessee & Kentucky prohibiting healthcare professionals from providing medically necessary healthcare for trans adolescents for the treatment of gender dysphoria. This makes care such as gender-affirming hormone therapy & puberty blockers inaccessible in Tennessee & Kentucky for any transgender person until they turn 18. Phil Cobucci Founder of Inclusion Tennessee stated, “All transgender people, no matter their age, should be able access the healthcare they deserve without leaving their home state – but in the face of this horrible ruling, we will help families do what’s necessary to support their children. The truth is that this law is not stopping Tennessee families from caring for their children – instead, it is making that care painfully more expensive, time-consuming & burdensome.” Oliver Hall Trans Health Director at the Kentucky Health Justice Network added, “This ruling perpetuates the damage that Kentucky families of trans youth are already shouldering – but let me be clear: No law & no court ruling, can stop transgender people from existing. Trans youth need to know that they are loved, supported & affirmed & that’s what we remain committed to during this devastating period for the trans community in Kentucky.” Rev. Jasmine Beach-Ferrara Executive Director of the Campaign for Southern Equality concluded, “Families in Tennessee & Kentucky deserve better than the chaos they have endured this year, a result of politicians recklessly inserting the government into private medical decisions that should be left to families & their medical providers. While this litigation continues to unfold, we want families to know that help is available: Please reach out & we are honored to provide information, one-on-one navigation support to out-of-state health care options & emergency funding to help your family through this crisis.” 

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