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Voices Rising Film Festival In October

By Charlotte Robinson, September 24, 2023

The Voices Rising Film Festival takes place Saturday October 7th from 10A to 3:30P in Patchogue, NY amplifying unique filmmakers’ voices & creating awareness for the vital work of underrepresented artists. This year’s lineup features films about of love, loss, family, community & resilience as well as thought provoking deeply moving stories about the struggles of everyday life. The Voices Rising Film Festival is an exciting event that offers the chance to witness important films on the big screen, have healing conversations & enjoy live art & music performances. Jaret Martino Voices Rising Film Festival founder stated, “I am passionate about creating safe spaces that celebrate & amplify voices that are too often silenced. I'm proud to be a Long Island Native, in the LGBTQIA+ community & have Cherokee Indian bloodlines.” Following the screenings & live performances there will be a reception at Jardin Café for refreshments, networking, Q&A's & awards presentations. Voices Rising Film Festival has partnered with The Plaza Cinema which aligns with their mission of creating awareness for underrepresented artists. As a community-supported organization, The Plaza Cinema & Media Arts Center in Patchogue is a safe, inclusive & equitable public forum for various community groups, individuals, artists, musicians, filmmakers & non-profit advocacy groups to connect, collaborate, discuss & support each other particularly when facing life’s ups & downs. The Voices Rising Film Festival has also partnered with Love Wins Productions. The Love Wins platform works in creating awareness for subjects deserving attention alongside collaborations with National Organizations.  For More Info & Tix… 


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