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Campus Pride Social Justice Winners

By Charlotte Robinson, November 16, 2023

Campus Pride has announced the winners of this year’s Social Justice Mini Grants for Activism. The grants offer up to $600 each to fund a diverse array of timely projects including funding for a gender-inclusive queer fraternity, an LGBTQ straight alliance, LGBTQ centered libraries on community college campuses in Texas & other urgently needed projects. Shane Mendez Windmeyer Campus Pride Founder, CEO & Executive Director stated, “LGBTQ+ college students today are informed & motivated to make change & they are uniquely positioned to put their ideas into action on their campuses. For the past 3 years, we have offered these grants because we know the impact it can have when a young change-maker is able to bring their innovative ideas to life. We also support faculty, staff & advisors who are close to the issues on the ground & working on projects that improve LGBTQ-inclusion on campus. Each of this year’s recipients will be able to use the grant funding to implement a project that supports LGBTQ+ people on campus or in their community. We look forward to seeing the ripple effects of these projects for years to come.” Since 2001 Campus Pride has been the leading national organization dedicated to building future LGBTQ & ally leaders & creating safer, more inclusive communities at colleges & universities. Campus Pride offers a wide variety of programs & resources for students & prospective students, including the Campus Pride Index, HBCU Clearinghouse, Trans Policy Clearinghouse, Stop the Hate & Safe Space trainings, the annual Camp Pride leadership camp & Social Justice. 

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