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Outright International Hybrid Summit

By Charlotte Robinson, November 28, 2023

Outright International’s 9th annual OutSummit takes place on Monday December 4th in Washington DC including a hybrid format for virtual global attendees. OutSummit brings together global advocates, activists & allies to strategize & accelerate positive change for our LGBTQ community around the world. OutSummit has been held for the past nine years around Human Rights Day on December 10th to acknowledge the human rights of LGBTQ people that are still criminalized in 67 countries with 13 countries criminalizing transgender people & another 37 countries targeting transgender people through vagrancy, prostitution, morality or other laws. Presently only 5 countries ban sexual orientation & gender identity change practices which often use brutal psychological & physical force to attempt to change, suppress, divert or reorient someone's sexual orientation or gender identity. Matuba Mahlatjie Outright International Communications & Media Relations Manager stated, “In a year marked by a surge in anti-human rights backlash, the LGBTIQ community has found itself at the forefront, defending its rights & dignity. OutSummit takes place on December 4th in a hybrid event, so anyone from anywhere in the world can reserve their seat. This conference serves as a solution-driven platform, providing a wealth of resources & stories that must be told thoughtfully.” Outright International works with partners around the globe to strengthen the capacity of the LGBTQ human rights movement & advocates for inclusion & equality. The first virtual OutSummit brought together more than 1600 people from 100+ countries. For over 30 years OutRight International has documented, defended & advanced human rights for our global LGBTQ community. 

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