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North Carolina Law Hurts LGBTQ Kids

By Charlotte Robinson, December 14, 2023

In North Carolina LGBTQ organizations Campaign for Southern Equality, PFLAG Asheville & Youth OUTright have file a Title IX complaint against Buncombe County Board of Education for implementing SB49 an Anti-LGBTQ State law. Craig White, Supportive Schools Director at the Campaign for Southern Equality stated, “We file this complaint more in sorrow than in anger. It was clear that the BCS policy committee did what they could to reduce the harm caused to LGBTQ young people by S.B.49. But less harm is not no harm & after hearing the testimony of students, families & educators, it was clear that we have to take all possible steps to prevent the provisions in this discriminatory state law from going into effect in Buncombe County.” KT Merseles a Board member at Asheville PFLAG added, “SB49 – the ‘Don’t Say LGBTQ+’ bill in NC – is a cruel attempt to stigmatize & marginalize LGBTQ children, faculty & their families in the state. This is part of a crusade against the LGBTQ population, designed to rile up an extremist base nationwide. The policies passed recently in the Buncombe County School Board violate our children’s rights to a safe & non-discriminatory environment in schools. Asheville PFLAG will continue to advocate alongside the Campaign for Southern Equality & Youth OUTright to ensure the civil rights of our families are upheld.” Adrian Parra, Executive Director of Youth OUTright WNC concluded, “Youth OUTright sees SB49 for what it is: A deceptive, violent piece of policy that targets already marginalized LGBTQIA+ youth & families. Censorship, forced outing & adding undo burden to our school personnel will do nothing but create an even more hostile environment for all youth….” 

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