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Ron DeSantis Continues LGBTQ Attacks

By Charlotte Robinson, December 13, 2023

In Fort Lauderdale parents, students & community leaders joined Equality Florida to call out Governor DeSantis' attacks on their rights & freedoms. As we have been reporting under DeSantis schools & classrooms have become the center of his obsession with his culture war attacks. Instead of focusing on improving the educational opportunities for students DeSantis has pursued an agenda of government intrusion & control by denying transgender students access to basic rights, threatening teachers, censoring honest & accurate history, restricting access to AP courses & expanding book bans. Jennifer Solomon, Equality Florida’s Parents & Families Support Manager stated, “Parents & families are fed up with right-wing extremists turning our classrooms into political battlefields with their banning books, censoring curriculum, whitewashing history & attacking of LGBTQ students — all at the expense of our kids & their futures. Enough is enough. Every student who steps into a school deserves to feel safe, welcomed & included. Parents will continue to speak out until the attacks on our parental rights & on our children stop. School districts have a responsibility to protect all students.” Andy Cardona, a transgender high school student added, “My school life consisted of relentless fear, guilt & pain. This is the reality of transgender children in Florida today. What I find fundamentally lacking is a sense of humanity in these conversations.” Jeff Delmay, parent of a middle school student concluded, “These anti-LGBTQ laws passed in Tallahassee & pushed by our governor directly affect our schools & make it harder for us to raise our children safely. I teach my son to respect his friends & his classmates for all that they are, including what makes them unique. I expect our schools to do the same.”
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