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Gay Marriage Massachusetts Style :)

By Charlotte Robinson, August 08, 2008
I was in P-Town when the story broke that Massachusetts finally repealed that nasty 1913 Law & gay marriage would be only a car ride away for many of our LGBT community. Just think of the thousands of loving gay couples that will be taking the trip to exchange vows here. What a difference a week makes.....:) For those of you who were thinking about marrying in California where gay marriage is also the law but were concerned about the OUTcome of the November ballot just adjust your destination & come to Massachusetts where gay marriage has been the law for 4 fabulous years!! Provincetown in the summer would be a great choice.....
For info: Provincetown Live
View Our Trailer on Gay Marriage

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

great photo of aaran and andrew
and yes honey this is a huge cause to celebrate

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