Friday, August 22, 2008

Sandra Bernhard Does Provincetown :)

Sandra Bernhard performed 4 sold-out shows @ the Vixen
in P-Town this week. She was previewing her 20th Anniversary
landmark show "Without You I'm Nothing" which kicks off in
Washington DC on Sept. 9th. With Musical Director Mitch
Kaplan, Ms Bernhard began her performance singing "New
York City Girl" with some hip jokes & remarks as she strolled
down the center aisle running into Lea Delaria who was leaning
against the bar. Sandra wanted to know if she needed a seat.
The 2 joked a bit then Bernhard continued her performance
of singing & chat that ran a little over an hour...Some of the
highlights were when she said she called Ellen DeGeneres to
congratulate her on her marriage then she paused & said she's
giving it 5 years.....:) She's down on "Sex in The City"
which she feels isn't hip & ruined NYC. Politically she said
she doesn't like the times we're living in but likes the journey
remembering the past. Her songs are Great!! Someone from
the audience shouted OUT "Keep it up Sister." She replied
"I have no other choice....." For more info.....
View Our Trailer on Gay Marriage


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