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Obama Signs Matthew Shepard Act...:)

By Charlotte Robinson, November 02, 2009
New exclusive audio interview w/ Activist Alix Dobkin chats about her
new book “My Red Blood” & Obama’s signing of the Matthew Shepard
Hate Crime Bill @ OUTTAKE VOICES™

President Obama signed the Matthew Shepard Act into law...:) The legislation expands the definition of federal hate crimes to include sexual orientation & gender identity. Watch Video....

“After more than a decade of opposition we passed inclusive hate crimes legislation to help protect our citizens from violence based on what they look like, who they love, how they pray or who they are,” Obama said before signing the bill. Updates to Come...:)
New Audio Interview w/ Rev. Steve Parelli on stopping the Ugandan
Anti-Homosexuality Bill of 2009 which will impose the death penalty
& prison on the Ugandan LGBT community @ OUTTAKE VOICES™
More Audio Interviews w/ LGBT Leaders
View Our Historic Short Trailer on Gay Marriage


Jarrett Barrios said...

With this law, President Obama and Congress have sent a message that violence against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people is wrong and that our community should not be excluded from the protections of our nation’s laws. This is a landmark step in eliminating the kind of hate motivated violence that has taken the lives of so many in our community including Brandon Teena, Matthew Shepard, Fred Martinez, Gwen Araujo, Sakia Gunn, Sean Kennedy, Angie Zapata, Duanna Johnson, Lateisha Green and so many others. The visibility of these tragic losses and the conversations that they sparked brought us to today’s historic step toward ending this violence.

Jarrett Barrios is President of GLAAD

Congresswoman Baldwin said...

I remember where I was and what was happening when the news of Matthew Shepard’s murder began to circulate. I remember how many people I encountered who felt scared and frightened themselves because such a heinous attack had been perpetrated against him because of his sexual orientation. It is high time that this Act become law. It has been an effort that I’ve worked on ever since I came to the Congress of the United States, and I think it will send a very powerful message.

Tammy Baldwin is Co-Chair of the Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus

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