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Gay Idol Adam Lambert Shocks America

By Charlotte Robinson, November 23, 2009
New audio interview with author Marc Harshbarger about his two must-read gay novels “Deep Dish” & “Deeper Dish” which tell a continuing saga about love & lust in Chicago back in 1975 & more @OUTTAKE VOICES™
Openly gay American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert shocked the audience at the American Music Awards by grinding his crotch into the face of a kneeling male dancer that he'd been holding by a leash. Network censors had a feast bleeping the lyrics that accompanied the crotch/face scene as cameras cut away to a shot of the darkened auditorium. As the song ended, Lambert grabbed the male keyboardist for some forced tongue-swapping & again the camera cuts away. Question: If Madonna did this with a male dancer would anyone had made a fuss? Updates to Come…:)

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