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New DADT Temporary Band Aid Policy

By Charlotte Robinson, March 29, 2010
Exclusive audio interview w/ Alex Lucchesi,
Co-Chair of of SpeakOUT & creating a world free

of LGBT homophobia & other forms of prejudice


The latest insult to our LGBT community is Defense Secretary Robert
Gates announcement on “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”. Instead of a civilized
moratorium on releasing any military personnel because of their
sexual orientation until DADT is repealed, the US Defense Department
has released news that the military's obscene DADT policy is going to
be relaxed. From now on, the military will no longer use anonymous
tips as reason enough to investigate an individual's sexual orientation.
Testimony's will now have to be given under oath. High-ranking
officers will also now have to review all cases related to the policy.
The new rules are to be a temporary measure until the Pentagon
completes its full review of controversial policy. It’s believed that
Gates will continue to push for a complete repeal. Don’t you think
the moratorium concept makes more sense? Updates to come….:)
Exclusive audio interview with Robin McGehee
who was arrested w/ gay activists Lt Dan Choi &

Captain Jim Pietrangelo in front of the White House

in protest of the military’s “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”


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