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Gay Families at White House Easter Hunt...:)

By Charlotte Robinson, April 05, 2010
Update: The White House honored the family at the center of
battle over same-gender adoptions on Monday.
Martin Gill, his partner
& their two adopted sons were guests
@ the annual White House Easter
Egg Roll. Prior to the trip
Gill said he found the invitation "extremely
gratifying" &
considered it a "strong statement" against discrimination
President Barack Obama.....

Today is the White House Easter Roll Event. Last year Obama invited
100 gay & lesbian
families to participate in the event. It is unclear
whether what will
happen this year. With a theme of “Ready, Set,
the White House Easter Egg Roll will focus on healthy kids &
going green. This year a lottery was set up for tickets.
According to
the official White House site, the event will
will feature live music,
sports, cooking stations,
storytelling & of course, Easter egg rolling.
No mention on including
our LGBT families in this year’s events.
Updates to Come.....:)

Happy Easter to Our
LGBT Community &

Their Families!!

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