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The Pope’s Pedophile Agenda??

By Charlotte Robinson, April 09, 2010
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Pope Benedict XVI Easter message did not answer pedophile
clergy questions. The Pope's silence on the matter is appalling.
It is crucial for the Pope to answer these questions even if it is
just to say the situation was mishandled & some form of apology
but as the Pope ignores the question of pedophile priests under
his watch this continues to just add insult to injury. How child
molestation should be addressed in the Catholic Church is simple.
You are either part of the problem or you are part of the solution.
As Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger before he became Pope Benedict XVI
he was one of the many church leaders who chose to reassign
pedophiles rather than turn them over to the police. On that basis,
the Pope is part of the problem. Updates to Come…..
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NG said...

This also puts a new perspective on all those gay jesus freaks who've been attacking me. I'm just saying...

Inga said...

This issue needs to be addressed and resolved. There are so many contradictions from the Pope.
Especially attacking our LGBT community when they have these unresolved issues within their church.

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