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Obama Signs Into Law LGBT Hospital Rights

By Charlotte Robinson, April 17, 2010
Exclusive audio interview w/ Dr. Dana Beyer,
well-known advocate for public health, coherent

government & an activist for Women's & Gender


President Obama signed a presidential memorandum regarding
the visitation rights of hospital patients & the ability to designate
surrogate decision makers in the case of emergencies.
This is a huge victory for our LGBT community.
Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin Stated,
“President Obama’s decision to direct the Secretary of Health &
Human Services to take steps to ensure that hospitals participating
in Medicare or Medicaid respect the rights of patients to receive
visitors & designate others to make decisions about medical care in
the case of an emergency is the right one. It follows the lead of many
states & makes a strong statement about who we are as a nation &
what we value. No one should face the distress of lying ill or injured
in a hospital bed with the loved one you designate barred from your
bedside for any other than a compelling medical reason. For too long,
such access has been arbitrarily denied many individuals, most
especially to gay & lesbian Americans. President Obama’s action puts
us another step closer toward our goal of equal rights for all
Americans & I applaud his decision.” Updated to Come…:)
Exclusive Audio Interview with Lee Swislow,
Executive Director of the Gay & Lesbian Advocates

& Defenders (GLAD) on Gill v. Office of Personnel

Management that challenges Section 3 of DOMA

in Federal Court May 6th

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