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Can Obama Really Hear Gay Dads? (Audio)

By Charlotte Robinson, June 22, 2010
Exclusive Audio Interview with artist, dancer
& writer C. Huilo C. about his quest to

wake-up queer society in his new mythology

tale “The Flight of the Jaguar Magician”

Tuesday President Obama met with grass-roots gay
activists in
the White House to remind them of all
the things his administration
has accomplished for them....
Updates to Come....:)
Obama & Secretary Clinton Address Gay Rights…

The so-called Christians are up in arms because President
Obama once again included our LGBT community in his

Father’s Day chat by stating, "Nurturing families come in

many forms & children may be raised by a father & mother,

a single father, two fathers, a stepfather, a grandfather, or

caring guardian."

We asked Reed Cowan Director of “8: The Mormon

Proposition” & the father of 2 young sons what his hopes

are for our LGBT community in the Obama administration.

Reed stated, “On Obama’s watch there’s a marginalized group

of people, LGBT people, who do not have blessings, benefits

& protections of full marriage equality... I hope the President

would really take that to heart. That where he is today is

momentous and take that light that came from his election

& shine it on people who are marginalized perhaps the way he

would have been marginalized in the 1960’s…..

I just hope he would know that my family can’t wait another
& that these inequalities are happening on his watch.”
To Hear Full Audio Interview w/ Director
Reed Cowan about his new must-see film

"8: The Mormon Proposition”...


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