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Gay Pride Across America @ Gay.com

By Charlotte Robinson, June 11, 2010

Exclusive Audio Interview w/ Gabrielle

Hanna, Executive Director of the P-Town

International Film Fest that takes place in

Provincetown, MA June 16th- June 20th.


Gay.com the world’s leading gay social networking site, introduced

the ultimate Pride Guide, a complete resource for all things gay

pride-related. The Pride Guide, hosted in Gay.com’s “Happy Trail”

travel section, features the Pride season’s most comprehensive

event listings, destination guides, mobile uploading capabilities &

Pride adjacent events. Our OUTTAKE VOICES™ interview with

Keri Aulita, Deputy Director of the Boston Pride Committee was

included...:) Check it OUT: OUTTAKE VOICES™ on gay.com

“Gay pride is a major travel event for the gay community but no

website currently offers a comprehensive guide to what’s happening

across the country,” said Rick Andreoli, Gay.com’s Editor in Chief.

“We took on the job & created a Pride Guide that’s both useful &

entertaining. Beyond linking to city sites, providing event summaries

& offering bar or restaurant suggestions, we’re also tossing in lists &

tips that are fun and funny. Readers should get a laugh while

learning how to effectively flirt, text friends & score a strong drink

from the bartender & trust me, those are skills any good gay needs.”

For More Pride Across America Info: gay.com HAPPY PRIDE!!

Exclusive Audio Interview w/ Keri Aulita,
Deputy Director, Boston Pride Committee, about

"RIOTS to RIGHT." Boston's Pride celebration

events have begun now through Sunday June 13th

Hear Audio Interviews w/ LGBT Leaders @OUTTAKE VOICES™
Support Our Vision @ OUTTAKE™ EQUALITY STORE...:)

View Our Historic Short Trailer on Gay Marriage

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