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Is Elena Kagan an LGBT Ally?

By Charlotte Robinson, June 29, 2010
Exclusive Audio Interview with Rick Andreoli,
Editor in Chief of gay.com & the newly launched
gay.com daily @ OUTTAKE VOICES™

Week's end & Kagan continues to dodge us:
Day #3 GOP Press Kagan on LGBT Issues
:
Day #2 Kagen addresses our LGBT Issues:
Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan gets through
day #1
of testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee
Since she lacks a judicial record, pundits demand that

senators fully question Kagan about her stance on key

Updates to Come…:)
Exclusive Audio Interview with artist, dancer
& writer C. Huilo C. about his quest to

wake-up queer society in his new mythology

tale “The Flight of the Jaguar Magician”

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