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Boston GLBT History Project Awards

By Charlotte Robinson, September 28, 2010
Conclusion of Exclusive Audio Interview on Equality
Forum's GLBT History Month & the importance of

educating our country about our LGBT community


For 30 years, “The History Project” has been preserving Boston’s
GLBT history & sharing this community’s stories with the world.
On Thursday, September 30, “The History Project” will host its
annual community recognition program, “The HistoryMaker
Awards” with an early-evening reception at the Boston Athenaeum.
Two awards will be presented recognizing the history-making work
of community members & organizations. This year’s recipients is
“Gay Community News Collective”. Founded in Boston in 1973,
“Gay Community News” provided GLBT communities with a voice
when few felt they had one. “The Lavender Rhino Award” will be
presented to Adaora Asala an activist whose impact on the local
GLBT community deserves recognition. Adaora Asala is the founder
of “Queer Women of Color & Friends” the first multicultural social
networking group for LGBTQ women of color and allies in New
England. Jared Bowen, Emmy-winning reporter with WGBH-TV's
nightly news magazine program "Greater Boston", will emcee.
More More Info: www.historyproject.org
Exclusive Audio Interview with Malcolm Lazin the
Founder & Executive Director of Equality Forum on

“GLBT History Month”

Hear Audio Interviews w/ LGBT Leaders @OUTTAKE VOICES™

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Mayor Menino said...

I am proud to be Mayor of one of the most diverse cities in America and I am committed to making Boston a hub of openness and inclusion …. By encouraging and serving as a resource for the GLBT community to explore their history in and contributions to the City of Boston, the History Project shares our commitment and helps us all move forward.

Mayor Thomas Menino of Boston, MA

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