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Fourth Openly Gay Member of Congress

By Charlotte Robinson, November 06, 2010
Exclusive Audio Interview with Robin McGehee,
Co-Founder of GetEQUAL, the grassroots LGBT org,

about the midterm elections & where our LGBT
goes from here @ OUTTAKE VOICES™

Rhode Island Democrat David Cicilline has become the fourth
openly gay member of Congress winning the House seat vacated
by retiring Rep. Patrick Kennedy. Barney Frank of Massachusetts,
Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin & Jared Polis of Colorado also were
reelected to Congress.
In the US House the Dems lost control 183 to 239 so the GOP will have
their wish of replacing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The Senate
remains in the Dems hands 51 seats to 46. In California there’s good
news as Senator Barbara Boxer remains in office & Jerry Brown
becomes governor once again. Senate Majority leader Harry Reid beat
out Tea Party Republican Sharron Angle. Reid is supportive of LGBT
civil rights. Here in Massachusetts we were able to defeat all the GOP
candidates running remaining True Blue Dems. We’ll have more on
how the election will effect our LGBT community later this week.
The Most LGBT Candidates Elected ever in 2010... Read More…
Exclusive Audio Interview with Tracy Baim,
Chicago-based journalist on her new book “Obama
and the Gays: A Political
Marriage” & more...

Hear Audio Interviews w/ LGBT Leaders @OUTTAKE VOICES™

1 comment:

Tammy Baldwin said...

In this midterm election, marked by some of what is best and some of what is worst about this democracy, I feel incredibly grateful to have ended this election on the winning side.
I've served in the minority before. I know I can be effective whether a part of the minority or majority party.

Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin, D-Wisconsin

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