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Gay Youth Chastised in America

By Charlotte Robinson, December 09, 2010
The Conclusion: Exclusive Audio Interview with
Gay Ally Rev. Makokha about Christian Leaders

from America transporting homophobia to Africa


A new Yale University study shows that lesbian, gay & bisexual
youth are about 40 % more likely than other teens to receive
punishment at the hands of school authorities police & the courts,
according to research published in the January, 2011 issue of
Pediatrics & released online. The analysis conducted at Yale
University found that the inequality in punishments are not
explained by differences in misbehavior. Youth who identified
themselves as LGB actually engaged in less violence than their
peers, for example. Nonetheless, virtually all types of punishments
including school expulsions, arrests, juvenile convictions, adult
convictions & especially police stops were more frequently to
LGB youth. Read More….
Exclusive Audio Interview with Tris Reid-Smith
Editor-in-Chief, Pink Paper & the Gay Times in

London, UK. In the UK gays & lesbians have openly

served in the military since 2000. We talked about

this & more
Exclusive Audio Interview with Charles Robbins,
Executive Director/CEO of the Trevor Project on
Teen Suicide Prevention & the Trevor Live

Hear Audio Interviews w/ LGBT Leaders @OUTTAKE VOICES™


Kathryn Himmelstein said...

The painful, even lethal bullying that Lesbian Gay Bisexual youth suffer at the hands of their peers has been highlighted by recent tragic episodes. Our numbers indicate that school officials, police and judges, who should be protecting LGB young people, are instead contributing to their victimization. LGB teens can't thrive if adults single them out for punishment because of their sexual orientation.

Kathryn Himmelstein, led the Yale study & now teaches high school in NYC

Anne Goldbauer said...

I will continue to beat the drum regarding the necessity to get homophobia into the American Psychiatric Diagnostic Manual of Statistics. There are people, well-educated people, who truly believe they are not homophobic but are basing all their belief system on a number of factors with the goal to deface the LGBT youth. We have to force the pendulum to swing in the other direction and hold another round of Zero Tolerance. Hell... we enforced Zero Tolerance during the anti drug campaigning days, now we need to insist this is implemented throughout our nation. Interesting study. Glad it was released. I was recently invited to join a forum for the public education fund and I will certainly bring these stats along.

Larry Scantland said...

We live in a society where HATE is the new Christian value and what is taught. Senator McCain is great at pushing hate towards those that do not fit in his little box.

I can only tell you that as a gay child in the late 60s and 70s, where there were NO ROLE models, I survived.

When people put you down for who you are, it is because they are simply scared to accept those feelings in themselves.

I was able to survive because I viewed the ones who put me down as just a speed bump in my life and someone who in a few years will be a distant memory.

Please reach out to the Trevor Project or other national gay help lines when you get down. Being gay makes you strong and understanding your strength is something you can do.

There is nothing wrong with being gay, understand that and all the hate the right wing Christian is because they are not really Christians.

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